The first step is our handcraft process in a highly effective industrial environment. Our line of August Bakery artisan breads was developed from an ancestral recipe. We mix 5 basic ingredients (water, flour, sea salt, yeast and barley malt). The dough is then slowly and carefully kneaded so it maintains all the ingredients’ properties. We let the dough ferment for a long period so it develops flavours, aromas and porous interior. The dough is then gently laminated or moulded to preserves all those gases. We add one more fermentation period and then, the bread is scored and slowly baked in a refractory stone oven that uniformly distributes heat and adds the finishing touch. The result is a caramelized and thin outer crust with a soft and lustrous interior. The second part of our program is our innovative packaging. Our breads are all packaged in a sealed bag made of a unique film with numerous benefits: • Certified packaging: Peanut free, Kosher and soon to be GMO
 free. • Breads can be directly oven heated with the packaging at 350F for
 5 to 8 minutes. • Maintains the product’s freshness longer. • Attractive packaging and easy to mass merchandise • No preparation; “Thaw and Sell” The third step of our program is our consumer approach. Thanks to our industrial techniques and our innovative packaging that greatly reduces our retailer’ costs, we can now make our artisan breads accessible to all demographic segments.